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BioCatch Teams Up with Entersekt

A new partnership between behavioral biometrics innovator BioCatch and fintech solution provider Entersekt will help financial services companies offer more secure digital banking and payment experiences for their customers. With options like passwordless login and enhanced remote user registration, the collaboration will give clients a “one-stop-shop” for continuous and multi-factor authentication.

Entersekt SVP for North America Sherif Samy called BioCatch’s technology “an exciting alternative” to the biometric-based security solutions already provided on its platform. “It will add value for our customers, especially in usability, by helping to determine when step-up authentication is really required and when we can safely leave the user to go about their business uninterrupted,” Samy said.

BioCatch analyzes the interactions between users and their devices to reduce fraud and provide online identity verification. The partnership means that when BioCatch’s biometric behavioral technology identifies anomalous behavior, it sends an alert to Entersekt’s security platform for an out-of-band, multi-factor authentication (MFA) via device validation.

“Our combined approach with Entersekt answers the call,” Avi Turgeman, BioCatch founder and CTO said of the challenge of simultaneously providing a seamless customer experience and strong online security.” The collaboration, he said, joins “(b)ehavioral biometrics as ‘who you are,’ the mobile device as ‘what you have,’ and the additional elements required to step up a transaction in real time if there is a problem.”

BioCatch demonstrated its Passive Biometrics technology at FinovateFall 2014. Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Israel, the company announced earlier this month that it was adding touchscreen pressure to its set of behavioral biometrics. At the beginning of the year, BioCatch unveiled a new solution designed to help fight “vishing,” a form of automated push payment fraud.

With investors including Blumberg Capital, OurCrowd, and Maverick Ventures Israel, BioCatch has raised $41.6 million in funding.

South Africa-based Entersekt presented Securing Mobile Applications Through Transport Layer Diversity at our developers conference, FinDEVr SiliconValley in 2014. The company’s technology is deployed in 45 countries around the world, and defends 150 million transactions a month from cyberfraud.

Last month, Samy was recognized by One World Identity (OWI) as a top influencer in the field of digital identity. Entersekt began 2019 with a number of major hires, bringing on digital identity and business development specialist Jennifer Singh, as well as adding a country manager for South Africa and a VP of engineering services.