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Best of Show: The Finovate Podcast’s Greg Palmer Chats with the Faves from FinovateSpring

Best of Show: The Finovate Podcast’s Greg Palmer Chats with the Faves from FinovateSpring

Join Finovate VP and Host of the Finovate Podcast Greg Palmer as he shares his video conversations with companies that earned Best of Show honors at FinovateSpring in May.

Greg Palmer talks with Rob Frohwein, co-founder of Keep Financial, which won Best of Show honors at FinovateSpring 2022. Demo video.

“What Keep does is it enables employers to implement what we call ‘investing cash plans’ which is a new compensation technique that enables an employer to issue what’s essentially a retention bonus, but that cash is provided on the front end of some period of time … There’s an ongoing obligation of the employee to stick around the company for whatever the vesting period is and, once they hit that vesting period or vesting periods along the way, that portion, or all of the debt that they owe for getting that retention bonus up front, disappears.”

Greg Palmer chats with Susan Sarensen Langer, CEO of Spave, which won Best of Show at FinovateSpring 2022. Demo video.

“Spave is all about helping realize financial wholeness and more balance in their life. You can think of Spave as a number of apps altogether. It’s Mint. It’s Acorns. It’s Digit. It’s United Way. It’s Venmo. All in one. We want people to be able to use their spending, so Spave is all based on people’s spending … (That) spending ignites micro amounts that we call “spavings”. So you can either round up spare change, you can apply a percent, you can spave now and do a one-time donation or one-time savings (set-aside) … We’re helping people decide how they’re going to save for their future, give to the causes that they care about and live a more balanced whole life.”

Greg Palmer interviews Nathan Gibbons, Chief Operating Officer at QuickFi, one of the companies that won Best of Show at FinovateSpring 2022. Demo video.

“QuickFi is a business financing platform that really is meant to serve banks and manufacturers. It enables them to offer their business customers a secure, completely digital way of applying for an consummating lower rate term loans in a matter of minutes instead of days or weeks. (This is) because the platform is 100% digital and self-service. It really allows banks and manufacturers to close more loans and more sales faster and much more cost-effectively.”

Greg Palmer talks with Leigh Gross, SVP of Sales and Revenue with Array. FinovateSpring 2022 Best of Show winner. Demo video.

“We’re an innovation platform that helps banks, credit unions, and other fintechs offer cutting-edge financial tools to their customers. For example, we offer credit and identity protection solutions, personal privacy components that we allow our partners to easily embed within their experience so they can offer these services directly to their customers.”

Greg Palmer chats with Ariam Sium, VP of Product with Fingoal. FinovateSpring 2022 Best of Show winner. Demo video.

“We build insights and data infrastructure for financial institutions. The fintech space has a lot left to be desired when it comes to serving actual human beings. And that’s really where (Fingoal) shines. When it comes to our insights, it’s the personalization that actually makes them worth anything. And when it comes to our technical solutions for our clients … at the end of the day we’re improving the overall user experience. It’s also nice that it happens to save the financial institutions money and time.”

Greg Palmer catches up with Janice Diner, CEO, and Steve Frook, SVP of Global Sales with Horizn, which won Best of Show honors at FinovateSpring 2022. Demo video.

“We solve quite a few business problems (for financial institutions). But the three that Steve probably will talk about a little later is reduce the cost to serve digital customers, increase the number of fully-digital customers, drive mass adoption of new products and features. We do this by educating both customers and employees across the full bank ecosystem: retail banking, business banking, wealth management, insurance, just to name a few.”

Stay tuned for more videos from Greg Palmer and the Finovate Podcast’s Conversations with Best of Show winners.

Photo by Abet Llacer