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Bank of America Launches a Blog…Finally

image What better way to start the new year than to blog about a blog. And it’s big news. Bank of America, through its Center for Future Banking (see note 1), launched a blog called The Future Banking Blog. The blog, quietly began after Thanksgiving (note 2), has averaged about 2 posts per week,  about right for a banking blog (note 3).

The content so far has been wholly unrelated to Bank of America or its products. The blog is part academic, part strategic, bringing insights from the Center’s joint team of MIT academics and BofA business execs.

The design however, is pure Bank of America (see below). It uses the BofA color palette and includes a prominent powered by logo in the upper right. It’s also housed under a bank URL <>.

All in all it’s a good effort, positioning BofA as a thought leader in the upside-down world of commercial banking circa 2009.


1. The Center is seeking an Executive Director. The position was posted on Dec. 16, but given the holiday, it’s not too late to toss your name in the hat.

2. Hat tip to Colin Henderson at The Bankwatch for writing about it.  

3. For more info on financial institution bloggin, see our Online Banking Report on Banking and Social Media.