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BancBox Launches Payment Platform to Public

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Earlier this week, payment services platform, BancBox launched its new platform. While still in private beta, BancBox signed up 6 customers, including:

    • Giftly
    • ReadyForZero
    • CFTPay

In fact, it uses its own payments platform to process its payments.

TechCrunch reports on the startup’s future plans:

“In a few months, BancBox will roll out a prepaid debit card option in partnership with Discover, which will allow a mobile app to create a debit card on the fly. The virtual debit card can be then be scanned via QR code at checkout. (Customers can still swipe its plastic counterpart at more traditional merchants, however.)”

Here’s the pricing structure:


To learn more about BancBox, watch its FinovateSpring 2012 demo.