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Azimo to Launch Facebook Messenger Bot

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Global money transfer platform Azimo recently announced plans to make sending and receiving money more social by launching a chatbot for Facebook Messenger.

The U.K.-based company will use artificial intelligence and machine learning to create a natural, human-like conversational chat experience. At a WIRED event in London, the company’s co-founder Marta Krupinska said, “We want to get to a point where the experience is like going into a branch.” Krupinska went on to note that, in addition to simply conducting transactions, users can interact with the bot as they would a human, for example, by asking about international transfer rates.

This is the second step we’ve seen Azimo take toward integrating its money-transfer services into messaging applications. Last month the company raked in $15 million from Rakuten, the owner of messaging service Viber. Azimo says it plans to integrate the funds into messaging services.

Azimo, which is already using AI in an algorithm to detect originality of scanned documents, lets users send money to and from 204 different countries. The company debuted at FinovateEurope 2013 in London and prides itself on being a cheaper, faster, and simpler way to send money across the globe.

Founded in 2012, Azimo has raised a total of $40 million; its estimated value is $100 million.