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Allied Payment Network’s Partnership with Mitek Pays Off with PicturePay

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Since adopting PicturePay, bank and credit union customers of Allied Payment Network have seen 5-15% month-over-month growth in transactions and 10% growth in retention rates for customers who used bill pay. This has taken retention rates as high as 98%.

This is the emerging bill pay landscape as seen from the partnership between Allied Payment Network and Mitek. With more financial institutions offering ways for customers to pay bills, a feature like mobile bill pay helps distinguish those FIs looking to maximize opportunities through the fastest growing transaction channel.

Allied Payment Network notes that half of the customers who use PicturePay never took advantage of online bill pay services in the past. And a big selling point for the technology is the ability to pay using the mobile device’s camera rather than having to type out information on a keyboard.
The company was recently in the news with announcement of its partnership with ACI Worldwide to provide same day bill pay via PicturePay. Among the technology’s recent adopters is Ameriana Bank and, this year, Allied Payment Network announced its first credit union to deploy PicturePay.
Allied Payment Network teamed up with Mitek to present its PicturePay solution as part of the FinovateSpring 2013 event in San Francisco. See the company in action here.