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After Manilla’s Demise, Mint Launches Bill Pay and Bill Management Platform

mintlogo14.jpgIntuit’s Mint launched Mint Bills, a bill pay and management platform today, along with a new logo and fresh identity. This comes months after Manilla shuttered, and after Intuit acquired Check (formerly Pageonce).

Similar to what you may expect, the Mint Bills web platform allows users to search for and set up billers based on their zip code. The bill pay capability reminds users about upcoming bills, enables them to pay bills, or schedule a payment for the future.
The mobile app is a complete revamp of Check’s former bill pay app. Not only is the design new, but the registration process has been simplified and new bill categories were added.
Interestingly, for Mint users, the platform is separate from the legacy Mint PFM we’ve known and loved since 2006. Mint users need to create a new account for Mint Bills. Things are a bit easier for Check users, however, who login with their existing credentials.

Mint Bills is available as an iOS and Android app, as well as on the web. 

Mint demonstrated at the very first Finovate in 2007.