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Serverside’s Technology Creates Viral Marketing Through Facebook


Second up this afternoon, Serverside showed how its technology leverages Facebook to engage customers of financial institutions:

“A Card Customization Facebook app. The app uses card customization as a new and unique way to leverage Facebook in an exciting and engaging way that can drive real brand value, loyalty, and engagement from a bank’s customers. Customers can design a card using an image from one of their Facebook photo galleries. Once the design is approved, it is posted to the user’s wall where all their friends can view it and click on the link to design their own card and thus creating a viral marketing effect!”

Product Launched: January 2012

HQ Location: London, UK
Company Founded: February 2003

  • Partly owned and controlled by Gemalto NV
  • Approximately 50 employees
  • 2010 Revenue: £4.61 million
  • 2009 Revenue: £4.35 million
  • Has worked with 200 financial issuers in 27 countries, issued over 2,000 customized card programs.
  • Over 45 million cards have been designed using Serverside software

Presenting Connor Kinnear (Global Head of Marketing)