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Fuze Network’s Swipe2pay Allows Clients to Make Cash Payments By Swiping Their Card

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This morning, Fuze Network demonstrated Swipe2Pay, a service that enables customers to make cash payments by swiping their card:

“Swipe2pay enables customers to make payments at 17,000 banks and 100,000 retail locations nationwide. Swipe2pay permits cash preferred consumers to make a payment by simply swiping their card. Credit cards, store cards, gas cards and thousands more can be paid in cash at any participating location. This innovative service takes 99.9% of all cards, automatically enables over half a billion cards as well as over 300,000 card programs with a single software connection. 

For billers, Swipe2pay delivers error-free convenience at a lower per-payment cost with no exceptions or misapplied funds. Payment networks will see increased store traffic and new revenue streams; with no new start up costs or equipment to buy. Our services directly integrate into current infrastructure. Consumers will avoid late fees, stamps, money orders, and paperwork: all at a lower price.”

Product Launched: July 2011

HQ Location: Salt Lake City, UT 

Company Founded: March 2010  
Presenting Dave Wilkes (CEO) & Phil Skaggs (President)