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Experian Gives You The Power to Protect Your Identity


This afternoon, Experian demonstrated, a tool that helps you protect your identity:
“A part of Experian, it monitors all facets of your identity, including personal privacy, financial information, your reputation and your safety. quickly alerts you to risks to your identity so you can take action and minimize the potential for damage. Unlike most identity theft software, helps you manage your entire identity, on social networks, on people page sites and offline through our financial monitoring system. helps consumers stay private and safe, and prevents identity theft by continuously scanning for personal information on public websites and databases. also provides real-time alerts if your private information becomes public, and investigates possible situations where your identity has been stolen. With, you can rest assured that your privacy, safety, finances and reputation are secure.”
Product Launched: 2011
HQ Location: Irvine, CA 
Company Founded: 1999 
Product Being Demoed: 
Presenting Hue Rhodes (VP Business Development) & Conor Swanson (Business Analyst Expert for myID)