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Backbase’s E-banking Experience Focuses on Customer Interaction

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This afternoon, Backbase demonstrated its Retail Bank of the Future that focuses on customer interaction: 

“Backbase is launching its Retail Bank of the Future representing the e-banking engagement experience of tomorrow. It embodies the newest User Experience (UX) patterns based on input gathered from customer research, industry thought leaders and UX specialists. 

The Backbase Retail Bank of the Future uses the latest interaction patterns and stretches the limits of today’s front-end technologies across multiple devices and touch-points in order to create a centrally orchestrated Bank 2.0 end-user experience. With the underlying technology in place, including its award-winning Portal technology, Backbase is now focused on leading the way in customer engagement solutions.”

Product Launched: February 2011 
HQ Location: New York Company 
Founded: June 2003
Metrics: 150 employees, Offices in New York, US and Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Presenting William Sarkozy (Senior Consultant) & Jonathan Wright (Senior Consultant)