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ZenPayroll Opens Up its API to Small Business Technology Providers


For SMEs looking at the market for fintech productivity apps, the world often seems either anarchically “a la carte” or paralyzingly prix fixe.

And while companies have come to appreciate the flexibility of having a lot of little apps doing a lot of little things, having those apps talk with each other, work with each other, can be another challenge entirely.

I suspect this is part of the thinking behind ZenPayroll’s decision to open up its API further to make it even easier for developers to ensure that their business productivity apps play well with ZenPayroll.
Writing at the ZenPayroll blog, “Head of Inbound” David Cheng said, “(This) will make it dramatically easier for small businesses to compete with large, established companies.”
“We’re calling this movement Generation-E,” he added, “to celebrate the breed of entrepreneurs that are street smart, tech savvy, and ready to take on the world.”
As pointed out in coverage of the announcement at TechCrunch, ZenPayroll’s stable of partners already includes thoroughbreds like Intuit and Xero (both Finovate alums, by the way). But the opening up of its API for a dozen companies goes a long way toward helping even more small business technology providers bring their useful benefits and HR-related tools to market courtesy of a ZenPayroll integration.
Quoted in the New York Times earlier this week, ZenPayroll CEO and Co-Founder Joshua Reeves spoke to this point, saying, “you have these huge product suites from monolithic business software companies. Companies like Oracle, Workday, and ADP typically serve large companies. They aren’t in it for the little guy.”
Among the companies already taking advantage of the new integration are:
  • BambooHR and KinHR: human resources information systems
  • SimplyInsured and Baypoint Benefits: benefits administration
  • TSheets, WageBase/When I Work, Nimble Schedule, and Deputy: time-tracking
  • Receipt Bank: expense management
  • inDinero, Zenefits, and insynctive: back-office management
And for developers looking to integrate with ZenPayroll, the company’s developer page – including documentation of ZenPayroll’s API – is available here.
Founded in 2011 and based in San Francisco, ZenPayroll made its Finovate devout as part of the Spring conference earlier this year. See the company’s live demo here
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