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Youth Payments Platform Virtual Piggy Rebrands as Oink


If you liked them as Virtual Piggy, then you’ll love them as Oink.

At least that’s the bet if you’re a teenager or the parent of one (or two). The Finovate alum (FinovateEurope 2013) and Best of Show winner is taking a data-driven gamble that their new name will put the company more in sync with the young teens who disproportionately use the COPPA-compliant, parental controls-equipped, youth-centered payments platform.


As Virtual Piggy – and now as Oink – the platform works by providing young people (under 18) with an opportunity to spend and save their money in a safe and parent-controlled way. The platform is compliant with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), as well as other privacy laws, and gives e-commerce merchants the opportunity to reach the estimated $50 billion in spending every year by consumers under the age of 18.
So why the name change? Company founder and CEO Jo Webber and her team discovered that more than 65% of their active users were, in fact, over the age of 13. Having built the company based on appealing to a younger, pre-teen demographic, Webber realized that a name change – out with “piggy” in with “oink” – might help better present the company to young teens and their parents.
Video also available here.
There’s more to what’s new with the company than the name change. There is a new iOS app, for one. And Oink, as Virtual Piggy, has announced a number a partnerships in recent weeks and months with video and social game companies like Live Gamer, Habbo Hotel, and Marvelous USA. In June, the company announced that it had topped a quarter of a million users. As of December, that number has tripled.
The new Oink has a new website, which includes an online store with links to Oink-friendly retailers ranging from Adidas and Aeropostale to Walmart and Zappos.