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Wells Fargo Confirms Tests of ClairMail’s SMS Banking System

CIO Insight recently published a long article called, Will Mobile Banking Take Off? Reporter Dan Briody discusses Wells Fargo's mobile efforts and how their implementation parallels the early days of online banking. Wells EVP Steve Smith is quoted at length.

There's not much new for anyone closely following the space; however, about two-thirds into the article, we discover Wells Fargo is testing SMS banking, using ClairMail as its service provider. Not a huge surprise, but it lays to rest the rumors.

With Bank of America, Citi, and Wachovia grabbing the headlines this year with mobile initiatives, Wells Fargo could create a buzz with an SMS offering by being the first major U.S. bank to go that route. Several weeks ago, Bank of Stockton became the first U.S. bank to align with ClairMail (link here).

On a personal note, I can't wait. The ever-diligent Wells Fargo fraud department, which must have my home phone number on speed dial, will hopefully start texting me when I use their card outside of Seattle, saving us both a lot of time and expense.

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