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Webinar On-Demand: How Start-Ups Can Make it in the Fintech Industry

On May 17th, Finovate hosted its first-ever webinar: “How to Make it in the Fintech Industry: 3 Startup Success Stories.” On the panel was Moven CTO Kumar Ampani, Clinc founder and CEO Jason Mars, and Jeff Cain, Director of the Envestnet | Yodlee Incubator as they share insights on what fintech entrepreneurs what they need to know in order to turn their innovations into the solutions, apps, and services of tomorrow.

What does it take turn your fintech startup into one of the industry’s great success stories?

The growth of fintech worldwide is creating more opportunities than ever for entrepreneurs and startups. The same industry that is making it easier for the underbanked to build a financial future is also making cross-border payments cheaper, safer, and more transparent for the world’s largest financial institutions.

And from crowdfunding platforms to chatbots, fintech is the place where the social and the “artificially-intelligent” are partners in helping us save, spend, and invest.

How can startups harness this global opportunity in fintech and turn it into demand for their own innovations and solutions? What does it take to separate your fintech startup from the rest of the pack?

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