FinovateFall 2008 / moneyaisle

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How they describe themselves: MoneyAisle is the first free, on-demand, 24/7 auction site where banks actively compete in live auctions for an individual consumer’s business. It significantly expands a bank’s addressable market and dramatically reduces a bank’s customer acquisition costs, all the while delivering the best possible value to the consumer. It is a win-win for both banks and consumers.

What they think makes them better: MoneyAisle provides auctions where many sellers (financial institutions) bid live to win each customer’s business. Buyers (consumers) benefit by having sellers actively compete for their business in instantaneous on-demand auctions, 24/7. The sellers are able to raise deposits and increase lending at a very low cost. Fees are success-based; sellers pay a fee only when a customer is acquired, avoiding typical expensive and uncontrollable lead-based click-fees. neoSaej does not accept any advertising, keeping MoneyAisle independent of advertiser influences.


Bus. Dev.: Linda Venezio, 781-272-1774,
Press: Alex Wallace, Racepoint Group, 781-487-4679,
Bank Partnerships/Sales: Bob Watterson, 781-272-1774 x223,

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