FinovateAfrica 2018 / Topicus.Finance

Presenter Profile:

How they describe themselves: Topicus was founded in 1998 in The Netherlands with the ambition to make a positive impact on society with IT solutions. Improvements that Topicus aims at are those things that we all see in daily life, and of which we wonder why these things cannot be done in a smarter way. The 1000 employees of Topicus are divided in different divisions: Health, Education, Legal, Government and Finance. Justifiably, we can claim that all 17 million Dutch citizens are in contact with Topicus in one way or another, for example, if their child’s education is not monitored and stimulated with help of Topicus solutions, then most likely their mortgage is processed via Topicus solutions.

How they describe their product/innovation: Fyndoo powered by Topicus is the lending platform that makes lending more accessible, efficient and transparent. Connecting all parties throughout the loan life cycle: entrepreneur, advisor, accountant and financial institution employees.

Having a long track record in developed countries, Fyndoo will now also help millions of (M)SMEs globally that operate in emerging and frontier markets. These entrepreneurs face tremendous challenges when it comes to arranging financing. Fyndoo, combined with the Internet of Things and latest satellite technologies, aims at making finance more accessible for these entrepreneurs by enabling financial institutions to track investments in almost real-time and continuously monitor quality.

Product distribution strategy: Through financial institutions


Bus. Dev.: Jamie Burink, Head of Business Lending,
Dimitry Oosthoek, Head of Internationalization & Innovation,
Press: Marloes Bulthuis,, +316 1423 8340

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