FinovateAfrica 2018 / OUTvest

Presenter Profile:

How they describe themselves: OUTvest is Hybrid Robo advisor that uses an evidence based approach to help everyone build and manage their own investments strategy.

We worked with CoreShares and S&P Dow Jones Indices to create a set of passive investment exposures that builds a set of diversified investment exposures that are integrated into a set of proprietary advice algorithms, including the cash flow systems.

We build our own advice algorithms and have developed a governance framework around them to ensure their quality.

In collaboration with our paid human advisors, we work to create a career path that celebrates technical financial planning focused on assisting our clients in making better decisions.

How they describe their product/innovation: We aim to demonstrate as much of the system as possible in the time allowed. We will build an entire universal investment plan, including onboarding our awesome Crowdvesting capabilities and, if ready, we will demonstrate our latest innovation, the investment tracking system.

Product distribution strategy: Direct to Consumer (B2C)


Bus. Dev. & Press: Grant Locke, Head of OUTvest,, +0828763118

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