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Trusted Knight Unveils Financial Fraud Fighting Solution, Protector Air

Digital data security specialist Trusted Knight launched Protector Air this week. The cloud-based solution deploys in-stream between consumers and businesses to defend against cyberattacks and fraud. The solution is capable of protecting against a variety of fraudulent activity and malware including rootkits, man-in-the-middle browser attacks, session hijacking, and account takeovers.

“The conventional security approach has been to protect the endpoint and the web application separately using two distinct solutions,” Trusted Knight CEO and founder Joseph Patanella explained. “What we’ve enabled is the modern paradigm of accepting that there will be compromised endpoints as well as attacks on web servers, but secure business can still take place if each touch point of each transaction is protected,” Patanella said. “We are creating a new category of solutions with Protector Air – one that provides full transaction stack protection.”

Protector Air secures three cyberattack vectors: protecting websites from direct infrastructure, framework, and application logic attacks; protecting users from endpoint and browser-based malware such as keyloggers and Trojans; and protecting the communications itself from service disruption caused by distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks. With an anti-fraud intelligence layer to protect transactions, Protector Air’s technology is unified, agentless, turnkey, cloud-based, and platform independent.

Headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland and founded in 2010, Trusted Knight demonstrated its Protector Anti-Crimeware Software at FinovateSpring 2013. Last fall, the company forged a strategic partnership with channel enablement specialist, eTECH Channel to help it better bring its full product suite of anti-fraud solutions to market faster and more efficiently. Last summer, Trusted Knight was named a finalist in the SC Awards 2017 Europe in the Best Fraud Prevention solution category. The company secured Series B funding in 2016 (the amount of the investment and the name of the investor were undisclosed) and has made one major acquisition, the purchase of Massachusetts-based cybersecurity firm, Sentrix.