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TraitWareID from Acuity Systems Provides Authentication Solution

This post is a part of our live coverage of FinovateEurope 2013.

Acuity_Systems_hi-res.jpgNext up is Acuity Systems with their demonstration of TraitWareID:

“TraitWareID simplifies and secures access to protected websites and applications by employing the user’s mobile device as a login token, eliminating the use of inconvenient and problematic usernames and passwords.
TraitWareID does this with patent-pending technology, which begins with user authentication, then binds the user’s identity to their device. TraitWareID utilizes digital identity mapping to analyze the user-created content of the authentication device.
Adding the patent-pending, user friendly, PhotoAuth image-based activation method to TraitWareID will enhance the security and user experience for transactions of all types on an end user’s device.”

Product Launched: October 2012

HQ Location: Visalia, California, USA
Company Founded: July 2008
Metrics: $3.5 million raised to date; two full-time employees; pre-revenue
Twitter: @TraitWareID
Presenting Harlan Hutson (President) and Chris Canfield (Lead Project Engineer)