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The Finance & Technology Innovations You Will Experience May 11

imageAs you’ve probably noticed, there are a TON of financial/banking technology innovations percolating up into the market right now. We are proud to be bringing 36 of the best to the Finovate stage May 11 in South San Francisco (presenting company list here).

It’s going to be a packed house, with at least 20% more attendees than last year. But there are still a few tickets left if you’d like to register (see OBR subscriber discount below).

Here are some of the themes that will be explored by our demoing companies at FinovateSpring 2010:

  • Alt-payments: Where will the next PayPal come from? We’re not sure who it will be, but there is a pretty good chance they will be on the Finovate stage. While you may not believe that existing payment services are vulnerable, the startups taking on the card-based world are always thought-provoking.
  • Bill payment 2.0: As automated billing and payments enters its third decade, there is still much to do in turning it from a cost center to a profitable service. We have several novel ideas on stage. You won’t want to miss this chance to talk to the founders. 
  • Credit/debt management: No surprise here. As consumers take a more conservative approach to spending and credit matters, services are cropping up all over the Web to help. And with literally thousands of dollars per year at stake, consumers are willing to spend money to save money and get control of debt. 
  • Customized financial products: Why can’t you have a 22-month CD or a 12-year mortgage? It’s not like banks have to retool the factory to introduce a new model. In the era of infinitely personalized products, financial services will follow suit. 
  • Financial marketing: Mass media is dead. Or is it? 400 million Facebook users seems like a pretty sizable “mass.” But no matter what you call it, new tools and techniques are required to build your brand in the uber-networked world.
  • Investing for the risk-averse: There are dozens of sites for tracking individual stocks and sizing up opportunities in various market sectors. But what about the other 95% of the country that just wants a decent retirement, college education for their kids, or new kitchen by 2015? Helping consumers achieve their financial goals is a long tradition at financial institutions and an important subject at Finovate.
  • Mobile everything: You’ll see some of the newest ways to leverage mobile for payments, financial management and banking. And this is one area that will be profitable. And yes, we’ll have iPad demos on stage. 
  • New lending models: Everyone agrees there are major problems in consumer and small business lending. Peer-to-peer lending is one promising area, but it’s had setbacks with regulatory changes and defaults. Is there a better way to deliver credit services while keeping losses in check? You’ll hear from several companies that believe they have the answer.
  • Real-time Web: Banks have had a nice 40-year run as batch processors. But the world has gone real-time and your customers expect data more than once a day. See how new financial tools leverage the power of this data stream. Will you automatically share  purchases with your network? Yes, you will. Find out why.
  • Snazzy management/back-office tools: The increased regulatory scrutiny over everything financial is the inevitable result from the 2008/2009 financial meltdown. Everyone knows you need to be on top of the nitty-gritty details, but who has time to read memos from the compliance department? With new interactive tools and Web-based services, even the most tedious compliance chore can be accomplished on schedule and without headaches or glitches. Come meet the startups who will make your life easier. 
  • Social media/gaming: Of course, no 2010 conference would be complete without ideas on how to reach Gen Y and everyone else via social media. Facebook serves 400 million today and they are still growing like a weed. Is there any doubt that will impact every brand on the planet?
  • UX: When you get right down to it, mobile/online delivery is all about the user experience. You’ll see dozens of the best on stage, and you’ll meet the people creating them.

You’ll also learn about ways to improve security, serve the underbanked, segment your customers, develop cross-platform services, build widgets, and help your customers save money and control their finances.

Get that ticket now. It will be one memorable day, I promise. 


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