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SparkPost Unveils Predictive Email Intelligence Solution

This week marks the official launch of SparkPost Signals, the data-powered predictive email intelligence solution from Columbia, Maryland-based Finovate newcomer, SparkPost. The company announced earlier this week that its platform, which helps users gain 4x higher engagement while sending 70% less email, is now available via the SparkPost Cloud, as well as to customers using SparkPost’s Momentum and PowerMTA on-premises email delivery platforms.

“Current email analytics products sit outside the delivery process and don’t have access to ISP behavior and industry-wide sending data, two factors that are essential for finding delivery problems before they occur,” SparkPost CEO Rich Harris explained. In contrast, SparkPost’s technology is designed to predict email delivery problems and offer actionable remedies before the damage is done.

Signals leverages its massive email data footprint (the company sends 37% of the world’s business email) and machine learning to monitor dozens of key email engagement and delivery metrics and provide users with an email Health Score. The technology uses the Health Score to predict potential issues and problems with email engagement or delivery, and also provides peer analysis against other senders who match the user’s profile. Users can set up alerts to have the platform notify them in the event of changes to their Health Score.

In a blog post, the company teased “Health Score V2 (Coming Soon)” which they referred to as having “a wider set of features … for 50% greater accuracy.” The update is expected “over the next two months.”

Other platform features include Spam Tram Reporting, which uses visibility into the largest commercial and non-commercial spam trap networks to help senders identify and fix any issues before they cause major problems. Signals also includes Engagement Insights. This feature helps senders leverage data to better understand how different subgroups within a recipient pool are responding to specific email campaigns.

Founded in 2008, SparkPost made its Finovate debut at FinovateSpring 2019 earlier this month. Video of the company’s live demonstration at the event will be available soon.

SparkPost began the year with an announcement that it had forged a strategic partnership with cloud communications platform, MessageBird. With more than $93 million in funding, the company includes Hercules Capital, LLR Partners, and NewSpring Capital among its investors.