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PrivatBank Launches HCE Mobile NFC Payments Solution


Here’s some good news out of the Ukraine: the country’s PrivatBank (FinovateEurope 2013) has introduced a mobile NFC payments service.

Based on host card emulation (HCE), the Liqpay app works with Android-powered NFC smartphones (Android 4.4) and lets users register both MasterCard and Visa cards for use at contactless, POS terminals.

Host card emulation is a technology that lets NFC applications function as smart cards. For consumers, this enables mobile payments via that NFC app. For banks and financial institutions, the technology allows them to save money by maintaining payment accounts in the cloud.

The technology was first deployed in 2012 and is seen as a way to speed mobile NFC adoption by card companies like Visa and MasterCard. By replacing the Secure Element traditionally used to host NFC applications, HCE technology promises an easier deployment for merchants, with lower costs and few changes to existing payment infrastructures.

PrivatBank is among the companies that will be demoing at FinovateSpring in San Jose. For more information about our upcoming event in April, visit our FinovateSpring 2014 page here.