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PayWith Presents mCARDS: A Dynamic Virtual Credit Card

paywithlogo.jpgThis post is part of our live coverage of FinovateFall 2013.

Wrapping this up with the final presentation of Day One of FinovateFall is PayWith, demonstrating their Mobile Rewards Cards.
“Introducing mCARDS (Mobile Rewards Cards). What does the “m” stand for? Money, Mobile, Merchant, Marketer, MasterCard, Monetize. 
In fact, mCARDS incorporate all of the above into every single 1-time use mobile card. mCARDS were invented by PayWith to enable a ubiquitous solution for merchants to process mobile payments using their existing hardware and POS equipment. The PayWith team cam up with the idea of creating a “virtual credit card” that could be dynamically created for every transaction by the consumer.”
Product Launch: Beta launched January 2012
Metrics: $2.5M raised to date, 12FT & 2 PT employees, closed beta of 2,000 registered users & 50 participating merchants, average consumer transaction value: $17.47, & average consumer annual spending through PayWith: $437.00
Product distribution strategy: Direct to Consumer (B2C), Direct to Business *B2B), through other fintech companies and platforms, & licensed.
HQ: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Founded: November 2011
Presenting David Strebinger (CEO) and Aaron Park (Senior Developer)

The full demo video will be available at in mid-September.