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New “Paperless Coalition” Includes 3 Finovate Alums

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With a battle cry of “save time, money and trees” the Paperless Coalition has launched its campaign to promote a paper-free workplace.

Among the members of the Paperless Coalition are three Finovate Alumni: Xero, Manilla and Expensify. The Coalition is led by HelloFax, and has set-up a website, where businesses can “take the pledge” to work toward using less paper – and sign up for the coalition’s monthly newsletter.

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According to, the average office worker consumes more than 10,000 sheets of paper every day. More than three million tons of office paper are used in the United States alone every year.

Also participating in the Coalition is Google via Google Drive.

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To see Xero’s most recent Finovate demonstration, click here. Manilla’s last Finovate demo is here.  Expensify can be seen in action here.