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Paper-check Conversion is Bigger than just Business Remote Deposit Capture

remote deposit capture Recently, we've focused on one aspect of paper-check conversion, so-called remote deposit capture, where a business deposits paper checks by converting them into electronic items instead of driving them to the bank. It's an important new service that benefits both the bank and the end user.  

However, there is more to this story than saving businesses at trip to the branch. There is also a significant opportunity for capture at branch locations, including:

  • Capture at the ATM (in-branch or off-site)
  • Capture by the teller
  • Capture by the customer at an in-branch kiosk)
  • Hybrid model with customer doing some of the work with the branch staff assisting 
  • Capturing in the branch back office (i.e., not at the teller line, but later in the process)
  • Capture at a third-party such as a UPS Store or check cashier

An insightful summary of the issues was published Friday by Gonzobanker's Terence Roche Previous Netbanker coverage is here.