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Out of the Inbox: SmartMoney Uses Simple 3-Question Survey to Engage Customers and Solicit Feedback

image Engaging users doesn’t have to to be a long and drawn-out process with multiple passes through legal and compliance to ensure you won’t end up on the 10-most-wanted list at the OCC.

All you have to do is ask customers a question now and then to show that you are genuinely listening. And with low-cost web-based surveys, the cost to conduct a short survey among your own customers is minimal.

Some sample questions:

  • What should we write about in our next newsletter/blog/website?
    (provide list of ideas plus write-in area)
  • Which offer should we put on our homepage?
    (similar to the SmartMoney example below)
  • Where should we locate our new ATM? (with list of choices)
  • How would you rate your recent experience with our call center?
    (sent shortly after a customer talks to a CSR)
  • How would you like to retrieve your balance on your cellphone (via text message, via mobile browser, via voice)

In a real-world example today, SmartMoney Magazine sent me an email (see below) requesting that I complete its “cover survey” which would take “no more than a minute.” The Survey Monkey-powered survey was indeed just 3 questions and took only seconds to complete. There was no marketing (see note 1), no cross sales, and I was left with a better impression of the magazine. Besides a satisfied customer, SmartMoney gains valuable editorial feedback.


1. After completing the survey I was dropped on to the SmartMoney homepage increasing its pageviews and unique visitor totals for December.

2. Photo credit (via flickr): Ryan McFarland at