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Out of the Inbox: ING Direct’s ShareBuilder Offers $90 Bonus through Costco Email

image It’s that time of year again when U.S. banks and investment companies get a temporary boost from federal income tax refunds and stimulus checks.

This year, much of that largesse is expected to go towards paying down debt or stashed away into FDIC-insured deposits. But there are still some folks looking for better longer-term returns, so ING’s ShareBuilder investment service is giving them a nudge with a $90 new-account bonus  offer (note 1) delivered in the March 25 email to Costco customers. This is higher than the $25 to $50 bonuses we’ve seen from them in the past.

The ShareBuilder offer was near the bottom of a lengthy email that arrived at 5:30 PM Pacific time yesterday. In total there were 54 products featured. ShareBuilder was the only financial product. 

Email from Costco (25 March 2009)


ShareBuilder landing page (link, 25 March 2009)


1. The $90 rebate applies to Costco Executive members. Business and Gold members receive $70. In addition, Executive members receive a 25% rebate in ongoing investing fees; Business/Gold receive a 10% fee rebate.