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Cognitect Becomes Our Alum Number 1,000!

Cognitect Becomes Our Alum Number 1,000!


Like proud grandparents counting the place-settings at a big family dinner, we were thrilled to realize that with FinDEVr Silicon Valley 2016 (tickets still available) we have onboarded our 1,000th alum. Durham, North Carolina-based Cognitect helped us make the milestone, and will join us next week at our upcoming developers conference in the Bay Area.

Founded in 2013, Cognitect specializes in enterprise software and data management. The company’s suite of technologies includes Datomic, a distributed database solution that leverages both traditional database functionalities with new features that enable full auditability and the ability to model future scenarios. Writing about Datomic in a blog post titled, “The New Normal: Data Leverage,” Cognitect VP Michael Nygard explained how the legacy of object-oriented programming (OOP) poorly serves developers in an era when “the majority of our work is with data.”

This is why I like working with Datomic. My transaction is data, just a vector of vectors or a vector of maps. What I get back as a result is data, a set of tuples. If I want to look at any of the built-in attributes of any of the attributes I’ve added—any of the metadata—I just do an ordinary query and get back ordinary data. My query is specified as data. Results come back as data.


Nygard said that developers have come up against an “upper bound” when it comes to scaling with OOP. “Too many companies have created golden anchors out of their multimillion-line code-bases,” he said. “We are uncovering new ways to structure applications that enforce even stronger encapsulation and decision-hiding than object-oriented programming.”

Cognitect’s customers include a number of top 50 global companies including BBC, Verizon, Walmart, Best Buy, and more. Among FIs, Cognitect has worked with Brazilian financial services startup Nubank, using Datomic to drive the firm’s micro services platform. Cognitect has also partnered with Finovate alum Pellucid, helping scale the company’s data analysis system for investment bankers.

Join Cognitect and more than 40 other innovative companies next week at FinDEVr Silicon Valley 2016. Our two-day event begins on Tuesday, 18 October, and continues through Wednesday, 19 Oct, with live, 15-minute presentations, and extended, high-quality networking opportunities to enable you to get to know the talent behind the technology. So stop by our registration page and pick up your ticket today.