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New Direct Bank: NewBank from Stockman’s

I'm not sure how new it is, but Bank Deals Blog had its first posting yesterday (here). NewBank from Elk Grove, CA-based Stockmans Bank coincidentally was purchased by PremierWest Bancorp while I was writing this blog post yesterday.

It looks like another deposit play, offering higher rates through the online brand to help it keep rates at the parent relatively low (see comparison below). The direct bank is also offering a $50 bonus for new checking accounts opened with at least $2,500 (see screenshot below).

Here are the rates for a $20,000 balance:  

                             Stockmans      NewBank    Advantage

Interest checking >>> 0.50%         3.50%            7x

Savings >>>>>>>>>>>> 1.35%          4.00%           3x

Money market >>>>>> 2.30%           n/a            1.5x (vs savings)

6-month CD >>>>>>>> 4.30%          5.25%           +22%

First National Bank of Omaha used this approach to bag $1.5 billion in deposits at its Internet subsidiary, FNBO Direct, since its February launch (see previous coverage here). 

Thanks to Bank Deals Blog for the tip (here).