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NetBank Announces Remote Deposit Scanning Service

According to an article in the May 20 American Banker, NetBank is about to launch a remote deposit service for its business customers. Although details of the yet-to-be-launched service are sketchy, it is expected that business customers would scan paper checks into a remote device that transmitted the images to NetBank for immediate deposit.
This service has two important benefits in addition to the obvious: freeing small business owners from a trek to the branch:
1. Improves cash flow since checks can be deposited immediately rather than on periodic trips to the branch
2. Streamlines record keeping in two ways:
(a) the original check can be filed as a paper receipt
(b) an electronic image is stored at the bank and is available if questions arrive
The service is not expected until August at the earliest. The technology provider is Alogent.
Speaking as both as a small business owner and an industry analyst, this is a great service and a strong candidate for an Online Banking Report Best of the Web award once the service becomes operational.