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Motif Investing Raises $35 Million in Move Toward Wealth Management Market

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What’s good for the retail investor may be even better for the professional wealth manager.

That’s the strategy of Motif Investing, the two-time Finovate Best of Show winner that just announced raising $35 million in funding from new investors. With an innovative investment product originally pitched toward everyday investors, the company has quickly outgrown its retail-oriented origins to take on the larger, and potentially more lucrative, wealth management market, as well.

Participating in the round were Balderton Capital, a venture capital firm out of Europe, as well as JPMorgan Chase and Wicklow Capital. With previous support from investors ranging from Goldman Sachs to Foundation Capital, Motif’s funding total stands at $86 million.
Motif says that the additional capital will help the company expand internationally, citing the participation of Balderton, as well as support continued technological innovation, particularly with regard to the Advisor platform.
On this note, Motif’s move toward wealth management was anticipated by their FinovateSpring appearance in San Jose. The company’s Advisor platform makes it easy for wealth managers to build, manage and rebalance motifs for their clients. The platform also features new social technology to help improve communication between advisor and advised.
Motifs are combinations of up to 30 stocks that can be traded as a single investment product, much like an exchange-traded fund (ETFs). The combination of the product’s ability to meet a real investor desire for personalization with smooth and eye-coddling user experience and interface helps distinguish Motif from its competitors. While motifs are a treat for the creative investing mind, they are also easy to build, easy to track, and easy to trade.
Motif Investing first appeared on the Finovate stage in the fall of 2013, picking up Best of Show honors with their debut demo. The Motif team continued its winning ways this spring, earning another Best of Show trophy at the FinvoateSpring conference in San Jose.
The full video of Motif Investing’s demo last week will be available later this month.