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MapD Launches Latest Version of its Analytics Platform

MapD, a next generation database and visualization layer capable of providing immersive, instantaneous analytics on large and complex datasets, has released the latest version of its technology.

“(We) never thought about the MapD platform as ‘just’ a super fast SQL engine that can leverage GPUs or ‘just’ an immersive, interactive visualization solution,” wrote Venkat Krishnamurthy, VP of Product Management, at the MapD blog. “MapD has always been both, and we care about creating technology for a unified MapD experience around interactivity at scale.”

MapD CEO Todd Mostak demonstrating MapD Core and MapD Immerse at FinovateSpring 2017.

MapD 4.0 adds geospatial data types, an improved rendering engine, and enhancements with the technology’s query engine. These updates make it even easier for analysts to manage and interact with exceptionally large datasets that feature both spatial and temporal data. The ability to examine geospatial data on a map or time series chart, noted Krishnamurthy, provides analysts with “context and visual signals that we can understand clearly and intuitively.”

The new version brings several new features to both MapD Core, the foundation of the MapD Extreme Analytics Platform, and MapD Render, which instantly creates the interactive charts and geospatial visualizations from server-side GPUs. “With MapD 4.0, we’re taking the first big step toward making geospatial analytics available to any user,” Krishnamurthy noted, “from an experienced GIS analyst or data scientist who can write complex SQL queries over location enriched data to a business user of MapD Immerse who wants to go a step beyond mainstream BI tools to derive insight quickly and visually from the same data.”

MapD CEO Todd Mostak demonstrated the MapD platform – including Core and Immerse – at FinovateSpring 2017. With partners including NVIDIA, Google Cloud, IBM, and the Microsoft Accelerator Program, MapD has raised more than $37 million in funding from investors including New Enterprise Associates and Vanedge Capital. Earlier this year, MapD launched a cloud-based version of its offering MapD Cloud. The company was named to the insideBIGDATA IMPACT 50 list in April.