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Leveraging the Paper Bank Statement for Marketing

When looking for ways to drive more customers online, don’t neglect your paper statements, especially the envelope.

We recently opened a Citibank checking account and were impressed with the online banking pitches on the back of the envelope carrying our first monthly statement.

On the rear flap:

Life is different from day to day.
         So is a bank account.

Across the main body of the rear envelope:

Receive email and wireless banking alerts on balances, deposits, and checks cleared

See bank statements online up to 7 years back.

Track paid checks online shortly after they clear.

Move money across accounts in the US or abroad

And, this is very clever. On the INSIDE of the envelope, framed inside the front window (when the statement is removed):
Sign on today!

Finally, on the rear flap of the envelope that carries business credit card statements, our favorite:

If you saw your statement online,
you’d already know what’s in this envelope.

Using the back of the envelope is hardly a major marketing initiative. But given that it’s essentially free, why not use it at the precise time when users are thinking about their account?