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Jemstep Launches Advisor Pro, Announces Integration with TD Ameritrade’s Veo Platform

Thumbnail image for JemstepLogo2.jpgWhen the going gets good for online investment advisory innovators, the good online investment advisory innovators go pro.

Jemstep announced the launch of Jemstep Advisor Pro this week at the T3 Enterprise Conference. The technology is a plug-and-play platform that helps financial advisors better onboard, engage, and serve their clients.
Kevin Cimring, Jemstep CEO, cited his company’s relationships with financial advisors as playing a key role in the development of Advisor Pro. “As a result of that process,” he said, “I am excited to announce that our advisor platform has evolved into a comprehensive solution for advisors looking to efficiently scale their businesses.”
The platform lets advisors offer prospective clients free analysis of their current investment portfolio and see how that portfolio compares to those recommended by Jemstep’s algorithms. Again, the goal is to give advisors the tools for growth. “These features are designed to increase conversion of prospects into long-term clients,” Cimring explained.
Jemstep also announced that the company had been approved as a partner on TD Ameritrade’s account management and trading platform, Veo.
According to Jemstep vice president of product, Mark Richards, more than 10,000 investors have linked accounts on Jemstep, representing $3 billion in assets. “People will do this,” he said.
Founded in 2008, Jemstep is headquartered in Los Altos, California. The company has raised $15 million in funding, with the most recent round in October 2013 bringing in $4.5 million. At the company’s last Finovate appearance in the Spring of 2013, Jemstep demoed its Portfolio Manager solution. See video of the presentation here.