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ING Direct Launching in Seattle

I received a mailer yesterday at my Seattle home address announcing ING Direct's upcoming launch in Seattle (see scan below). This version at least was sent only to existing ING Direct customers. Note the inside headline with an appropriate local touch, "Seattle's Getting More Bean for its Buck." 

There are not many specifics in the orange self-mailer, other than "You'll soon be seeing us all over the cityfrom Puget Sound to Lake Washington spreading the savings message." I'll keep my camera handy to capture big orange visuals as the company arrives on the scene.

So, it doesn't sound as if we're getting a famous ING Cafe (see inset, the newest one in Chicago). However, I do have the opportunity to earn a $10 referral bonus by handing out the two detachable cards that came with the mailer (see note 1). The new account holder also earns a $25 bonus. Customers can sign up through the mail using the card, or go online to a special landing page <> (see screenshot below).   

Seattle mailer front

ING Direct Seattle mailer front

Seattle mailer back

ING Direct Seattle mailer back

Landing page for Seattle offer <>

ING Direct Seattle landing page


1.  On the above scan, you can only see the top portion of one of two identical perforated referral cards designed to be given to family and friends. Sorry, my 8.5 x 14 scanner didn't capture the entire self-mailer.