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GreenKey Teams Up with IPC to Develop AI-Based Speech Recognition Solution

GreenKey Technologies, an AI-powered voice collaboration platform for financial markets, has formed a partnership with IPC to develop a solution that will convert real-time voice into useable data for financial market participants. The partnership combines IPC’s expertise in trading communications – and its cloud financial ecosystem of more than 6,000 financial market players – with the machine learning technologies of GreenKey.

Specifically, the new solution will automatically transcribe spoken conversations, extracting quotes and trades from verbal conversations by leveraging GreenKey’s patented natural language processing libraries. The new solution also will extract key terms, phrases, speaker identities as well as sentiment in order to provide accurate summaries of conversations.

Nader Shwayhat, CEO of GreenKey since March of last year, said that the agreement combined the efforts of two of the industry’s most innovative companies working in the voice software/integrated speech recognition space. “IPC and GreenKey are leading the industry into a new era of voice-driven workflows and analytics,” Shwayhat said. “We are thrilled to be working with the outstanding IPC organization and look forward to transforming the way capital markets participants manage their voice workflows.” Speaking for IPC, SVP for Product and Customer Success Don Henderson added that the announcement was “powerful news for the market.”

GreenKey and IPC have been collaborating on the new, voice-to-data solution for a year. The goal is a technology that will make it easy for IPC customers to “harvest” their audio streams and structured textual data to improve workflows for the front-, middle-, and back-office. Use cases range from integrating voice streams into compliance, surveillance, and business analytics systems to voice-populating trade tickets, capturing in-stream orders and quotes, and integrating call transcripts with CRM systems.

GreenKey Technologies participated in our developer’s conference, FinDEVr New York 2016, where members from the company’s engineering team demonstrated GreenKey’s voice workspace with biometric login, video call, instant messaging, and more. Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, GreenKey Technologies released its voice API via OpenFin’s plug-in architecture earlier this month. The company finished 2017 by joining Symphony Software Foundation and, earlier in the year, won a patent for its speech-to-text technology and announced a partnership with voice recording technology specialist Red Box Recorders.