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GreatHorn Unveils Comprehensive Email Security Solution for the Enterprise

GreatHorn Unveils Comprehensive Email Security Solution for the Enterprise

Cloud-based email security specialist GreatHorn announced a major expansion of its flagship solution, GreatHorn Email Security, transforming it into a comprehensive platform to defend institutions against email-borne threats from time of delivery to post-delivery.

The new addition, GreatHorn Mailbox Protection, gives users immediate, ready access to relationship and risk data to help them when interacting with their email messages. The solution lets users know the strength of their relationship with the sender, the date of their last outbound communication with the sender, the likelihood that the sender is from the domain they say they are, and the relative risk of any embedded links within the message.

Chris Fraser (VP of Strategic Accounts and Founding Team Member) and Sean Varga (Senior Account Executive) demonstrating the GreatHorn Inbound Email Security platform at FinovateFall 2017.

“The security industry continues to treat users as the ‘weakest link’ in their security practices, rather than as intelligent, informed, and vital parts of a true security posture,” CEO and co-founder of GreatHorn Kevin O’Brien explained. In contrast, GreatHorn’s solution turns this conventional wisdom on its head, empowering “end users to take action from the front lines” to fight malicious email messages.

The solution also enables users to confirm and quarantine email phishing attempts, build personal sender block lists, and easily tag spam email and transfer it to the trash. Currently in beta, GreatHorn Mailbox Protection will be available soon through the Microsoft Office and Google Chrome Web stores.

“GreatHorn is known for industry-leading phishing protection,” O’Brien said in discussing the new comprehensive platform. “With GreatHorn Email Security, we have expanded that protection to offer enterprises a truly comprehensive email security platform, tuned to safeguard them from the full range of today’s advanced email-borne threats.” O’Brien added that, as the “most critical business communication system in existence,” email deserves “best in-class protection, not just a small point solution, plug-in, or add-on.”

GreatHorn demonstrated its Inbound Email Security platform at FinovateFall 2017. The company leverages machine learning and automated response technology to spot and counter highly targeted, malicious message-based threats before the damage takes place. The platform’s security is provided without the need for major overhead, traditional network routing solutions, or perimeter blocking.

This fall, GreatHorn announced a new partnership with dmarcian, a North Carolina-based firm that specializes in DMARC accessibility for businesses. DMARC is an email security protocol that defends against phishing, social engineering, and other impersonation-based cyberattacks. And while widely adopted by the federal government agencies, the private sector has been to embrace DMARC, with adoption rates of 21%.

“Corporate email not only serves as a company’s lifeblood, but also as a brand ambassador as workers connect with the outside world,” dmarcian CEO Tim Draegen explained. “Yet we have to recognize that universal deployment of DMARC will take years to achieve. That’s why it’s so critical for organizations to use GreatHorn to protect their email from external domain spoofs and impersonations, as well as non-authentication-related threats.”

GreatHorn has raised $8.8 million in funding, and includes TechStars, ff Venture Capital, Uncork Capital, and .406 Ventures among its investors. The company is headquartered in Belmont, Massachusetts, and was founded in 2015.