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Geezeo Powers PFM Platform for F&M Bank of Virginia

F&M Bank of Virginia, a community bank with $700 million in assets, has introduced its new, personal finance management solution, Squirrel. The solution will be powered by Geezeo’s engagement banking platform, which gives FIs the ability to deliver highly relevant content to their customers. At the same time, the solution gives consumers the ability to use digital tools to help make informed decisions about their financial lives.

“We knew we wanted to enhance our digital prowess and offer customers a solution to help them manage their financial well-being,” F&M Bank CEO Dean Withers said. “We are excited to launch Squirrel and look forward to leveraging digital and data to foster long-lasting relationships and mutually rewarding customer relationships.”

Serving the Shenandoah Valley with 13 full-service branches and more than 160 full and part-time employees, F&M Bank named its PFM solution “Squirrel” in harmony with its “long-standing tree logo.” The company noted in a statement that it hopes that Geezeo’s PFM solution will enable its customers to ‘stow away’ savings (the way squirrels notoriously stow away tree nuts) by helping them keep a sharper eye on their spending.

Platforms like Squirrel enable community banks to better compete with larger financial institutions. By enhancing customer engagement and offering unique services, community banks with robust digital platforms can also serve as a convenient hub for syncing financial information between a home bank and other accounts. Geezeo’s platform also provides banks with analytics based on their aggregated transactional and behavioral data, giving bank marketing teams the ability to offer more informed and targeted products and services to customers.

Geezeo demonstrated its TruBusiness white-label, BFM platform at FinovateFall 2014. Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Braintree, Massachusetts, Geezeo teamed up wth fellow Finovate alum, Digital Onboarding last fall, and last August introduced its new suite of UI/UX personalization and customization tools, Responsive Tiles. The company unveiled its new digital reputation management solution back in May – the same month Geezeo was named a finalist in NAFCU’s 2017 Innovation Awards. Geezeo includes among its investors. Peter Glyman (President) and Shawn Ward (CEO) are co-founders.