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First Finance Apps for Apple iPad Unveiled

image Apple loaded iPad apps into the main iTunes store today (see screenshot below). Search is limited and apps by category are not yet available, but you now can browse the iTunes store for iPad-optimized apps.

I looked at all 2,400 and spotted three financial titles — a credit card merchant terminal, a stock-info tracker (see below), and E*Trade’s Mobile Pro — plus a few calculators

I was disappointed that no banks or credit unions were represented. But the iPad launch is still 36 hours away, so I may still win my bet that Bank of America will be there on the morning of April 3.  

Apple iTunes App Store now features iPad apps (1 April, 5 PM Pacific)


E*Trade Mobile Pro for iPad (iTunes link)


Credit Card Terminal for iPad from Inner Fence
(for users; iTunes link)


MarketScan by Michael Foster (iTunes link)


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