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FinovateSpring Sneak Peek: Vera


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Vera secures enterprise data wherever it goes, and allows IT to instantly revoke access in unmanaged domains – no agent required.


  • Secures any file type, ensuring only authorized parties can access sensitive financial information
  • Works no matter where/how the file is stored, or who has it
  • Not tied to any specific technology

Why it’s great

Vera works just as effectively with outside collaborators (clients, auditors, lawyers, banks) as internal employees, without requiring recipients to download or install special programs.


Ajay Arora, Co-founder and CEO

As CEO and co-founder of Vera, Arora is a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in security and enterprise software.


Vera_GrantShirkGrant Shirk, Senior Director of Product Marketing

As senior director of product marketing at Vera, Shirk is focused on helping global businesses secure and share their critical business information.