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FinovateSpring Sneak Peek: LendingRobot


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LendingRobot is the first robo-adviser for peer lending. It combines a user-friendly interface with sophisticated, machine-learning algorithms to help individual investors get steady returns.

Lending Robot features:

  • A new way to monitor investments in peer lending
  • Benefits from LendingRobot’s extensive experience in the field
  • 100% free, no commitment

Why it’s great
LendingRobot is really, really easy to use. But it uses some really, really fancy software to provide really, really good returns to individual investors.


LendingRobot_EmmanuelMarotEmmanuel Marot, CEO

Marot is 27% financial quant, 25% entrepreneur, 20% designer, 18% in high tech, 12% in unconventional wisdom, and at least 2% wrong.


LendingRobot_GiladGolanGilad Golan, President

Golan is a software developer and entrepreneur who loves building innovative products.