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FinovateSpring 2014: Tales from the Twitterverse

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Anyone who doubts that financial technology is a people-business need look no further than the two-day Twitter-fest that accompanied FinovateSpring 2014 in San Jose this year.

For both those lucky enough to be able to be at Finovate in person, as well as the even larger community of fintech fans tracking the event remotely, #Finovate is a great way to experience the show.

Maybe your Twitter preferences lie more with the serious issues like the true value of gamification or the mobile opportunities in auto loans. Perhaps you prefer to join your fellow Tweeters in speculation on the Worst Website in the World. However you like your Twitter tweeted, rest assured that out of the thousands who follow us @Finovate, there is likely to be far more than one take on financial innovation in 2014 that’s worth taking home.