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FinovateMiddleEast Sneak Peek: JuicyScore

FinovateMiddleEast Sneak Peek: JuicyScore

A look at the companies demoing live at FinovateMiddleEast on November 20 and 21, 2019 in Dubai. Register today and save your spot.

JuicyScore provides next generation device authentication and data analytics. The company makes the internet safer via improving end-user security and alternative data engineering without using personal or sensitive data.


  • Robust device authentication technology stack and wide output data vector
  • End-user security that does not utilize personal data
  • Worldwide accessibility based on open API principles

Why it’s great
Every online trace leads to valuable data which is safe, predictive, and extremely powerful for fraud prevention, risk management, and financial inclusion purposes.


Alexander Akhlomov, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder
Akhlomov has extensive experience in product development and information services for financial institutions, together with expertise in risk management and portfolio analytics.

Andrew Reddikh, Chief Technology Officer
Reddikh has extensive engineering experience in multiple areas such as travel, banking, and finance. He has worked with many backend and frontend tools including GoLang, Java, PHP, NodeJS, JavaScript, and ReactJS.