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FinovateMiddleEast: Banking on the Future in the Age of the Customer

FinovateMiddleEast: Banking on the Future in the Age of the Customer

How can technology make the movement of money more efficient and secure? How can financial inclusion and financial wellness lead to more prosperity and happiness for more people?

At FinovateMiddleEast next week (November 20-21) in Dubai, we’ll answer these and other questions as we investigate the current state of fintech innovation in the Middle East. Below is a sample of some of the sessions we’ll feature on Day One of the conference. We’ll take a look at our Day Two agenda later this week.

Building the bank of the future – Finance in 2030

Looking ahead to the next 10 years of banking innovation, as well as walking you through the last 10 years of the world and banking digital transformation, this keynote presentation will show the context and tangible examples of state of the art digital implementations in financial institutions across three continents, and give you an outlook into future developments.

The power of partnerships: Collaboration with fintechs for mutual benefit

With an ever-increasing number of startups bringing new, agile and fresh approaches to traditional processes, and banks bringing the visibility, trust and backing to deliver innovation, how do you assess which model of partnership will work for you?

The challenges facing fintech: Raising capital

  • Assessing the leaders seeking to fill the funding gap in the fintech ecosystem
  • Exploring the current conditions to make fintech development increasingly viable
  • Supporting fintech from the outset and identifying investment opportunities
  • Examining how regulatory changes are incentivizing growth: looking to accelerators and sandboxes to incentivize growth
  • Overcoming the funding challenges for financial innovation, and assessing how far we can expect funding gaps to be filled as investment arms continue to emerge
  • Learning from overseas: how VCs across the globe approach funding, and what can be gleaned
  • Understanding how the VC ecosystem will continue to evolve in the region

Using technology to deliver greater customer value: The customer-focused age

  • Understanding the new customer-centric, experience-based economy, and adapting accordingly
  • Working at speed to meet customer needs in exciting and relevant ways
  • Embedding client excellence into company mindsets: moving from a process-led to customer-led culture, and empowering teams to put the customer at the centre of business decisions
  • Managing client experience with limited budgets: overcoming hurdles to deliver customer satisfaction
  • Personalizing interactions and devising cross-selling models: making the most of your customer interactions
  • Exploring the importance of increase digital touchpoints to improve efficiency and meet customer expectations
  • Harnessing digital services can enhance customer satisfaction and drive loyalty

Financial inclusion: Where are we now, and what lies ahead?

  • Exploring the latest banking initiatives to bring access to financial services to the financial excluded
  • Determining the untapped opportunities, from loans to payments initiatives, of reaching the unbanked
  • Showing how financial democratization initiatives can be a force for good, improving wider society

Innovation – Moonshot thinking and the art of walking the earth

Why does innovation sometimes need time and patience? Some experiences from the wealth management area.

Innovation is kind of like the giant leap for mankind – sometimes you make it by chance and change history, but more often it does takes a lot of patience and many small steps for the “mooonshot thinking” to materialize. And interestingly, what you achieve alongside your long march may be more successful than what you get in the end…

Regulation: a catalyst for change?

  • Defining the regulatory priorities of the region, and where governments are becoming increasingly involved.
  • Overcoming the challenges of meeting different regulatory expectations to allow for scaling.
  • How do regulations in different regions differ, and what can we expect moving forward?
  • Now that sandboxes are established in the region, what have the regulators’ experiences been to date, what do companies need to know ahead of applying, and what trends are regulators seeing amongst applications to sandboxes?

Transforming the customer experience: an inside-out and outside-in approach for true customer-centricity

An outside-in approach means creating experiences for customers and establishing what your customers are looking for. An inside-out approach means determining how organizations need to change the way we do things.

Driving and delivering end-to-end digital innovation

  • Applying strategies for cohesive innovation and transformation across your organization, and how to drive change
  • Developing digital innovation initiatives with the customer front and center
  • Nurturing talent: adapting internal culture and incentivizing talent in order to bring the most innovative people into the fold

Tickets to FinovateMiddleEast are still available. Visit our FinovateMiddleEast page to register and get more information on how to plan your visit.