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FinovateFall Sneak Peek: North Side


The Sneak Peek series looks at the innovators demoing live on stage at FinovateFall 2015. Pick up your tickets to our annual autumn conference here, and we’ll see you in New York!

NorthSide_logoNorth Side enables customers to use their own words (speech or typing) to access your applications and information. Customers can clarify their intent naturally, using conversation.


  • Customers get precise, cost-effective, self-help online
  • Mobile and web transactions transacted through speech or typing
  • Know your customers better and sell them what they need.

Why it’s great

VerbalAccess enables customers to access your products and services conversationally, get precise answers to questions, and conduct transactions easily, using their own words.


This is #1 !Eugene Joseph, CEO
Joseph has developed intuitive person-computer interfaces for the last 30 years: Natural Language Understanding tech at North Side and interactive dynamics graphics software at Virtual Prototypes.


Christian Lemieux, Technology Evangelist
With a strong background in linguistics, Lemieux works on various facets of the North Side NLU pipeline and semantic databases, and occasionally presents them publicly.