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FinovateFall 2014 Sneak Peek: Part 4


Three installments of our FinovateFall 2014 Sneak Peek series are already in the books. But we’ve still got plenty of companies to introduce you to in the weeks leading up to what promises to be our largest FinovateFall event to date. If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, click here to save your spot today.

Before we get started, here are some links to our previous Sneak Peeks to help get you up-to-date.

And now, meet FamDoo, iQuantifi, mCASH, PayItSimple, Toopher, and WorkFusion.


FamDoo develops life-ready kids one task at a time. The Modern Allowance is a proven loyalty-based system armed with current technology and strategic partnerships.

  • The Modern Allowance is an applied learning approach to financial literacy
  • New technology brings families together
  • Family currency rewards kids for a job well done
Why it’s great:
FamDoo is an exciting new tool for the family, raising the next generation of fiscal consumers now. Gain access through a strategic partnership with FamDoo.

1) Mark Lacek, Co-Founder and CEO

Co-developed, enhanced one of the first loyalty programs for the airline industry: Northwest Airline’s WorldPerks, frequent flyer program. Designed and managed additional global loyalty programs.
2) Mystery Guest

iQuantifi Logo DePalma d4

iQuantifi is a virtual financial advisor that provides comprehensive and personalized advice to users based on their goals and resources.

  • Helps you free up cash in your budget to fund your goals
  • Shows you multiple ways to accomplish your goals
Why it’s great: 
We provide a comprehensive financial plan with investment advice that instantly adapts to your life as it changes.

1) Tom White, Founder and CEO

Tom has been a financial planner and investment advisor for over 17 years and in that time he has built and sold two investment advisory firms.

2) Karen White, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

Karen has been designing and building products for over 20 years with the majority of her experience spanning the financial and education fields.


mCASH is a unique payment infrastructure that connects banks, merchants and consumers in a real-time payment and information sharing network.

  • Built on FSA-approved Google Cloud infrastructure
  • Reduces cost for merchants, increases revenue for financial institutions
  • Users can pay in any scenario using any electronic funding source
Why it’s great:

Pay anyone, anywhere with the funding source of your choice.

1) Daniel R. Døderlein, Founder and CEO

Døderlein is a Norweigian serial entrepreneur with background from several IT and telecom startups. He is also a sought-after speaker in the field of payments.

2) Anders Nicolai Bakke, COO

Nicolai Bakke is a computer science graduate, turned management consultant before ending up in the startup world, At mCASH, he focuses on strategy, biz-dev, fundraising, people management, and structure.


PayItSimple‘s patented technology enables instant consumer financing without assuming any credit risk.


  • Merchants: increased conversation rates and ticket size; simple and secure to implement and use
  • Consumers: Seamless payments, improved cash flow, no credit application, no fees, and no interest
Why it’s great:
For the first time in the Unites States, merchants can offer their customers fully secured interest-free installments in their existing credit cards.


1) Alon Feit, Co-Founder 

Feit has 25 years of experience in the credit card industry, both in Israel and Brazil.

2) Stacy Fassberg, Vice President, Marketing

Fassberg is a marketing professional with over 25 years of experience with global technology start-ups, specializing in marketing strategy, communications, branding and product marketing.


Toopher‘s multi-factor authentication platform uses the location awareness of a mobile device to automate logins/actions based on a user’s normal behaviors.


  • Highly usable: patented automation creates an invisible user experience
  • Highly secure: out-of-band auth mitigates endpoint attacks
  • Highly innovative: adds to convenience without sacrificing security
Why it’s great:

Toopher is the most usable and most secure multi-factor authentication solution available.


1) Josh Alexander, CEO and Co-founder


2) Evan Grim, Founder and CTO



WorkFusion is a SaaS crowd computing platform that automates the sourcing, aggregation, and structuring of data by pairing machine learning with human intelligence.</div


  • Self-repairing automation pairs algorithms with human workers
  • 30 million on -demand workers for performing tasks and training algorithms
  • 50% reduction in cost
    of creating financial content
Why it’s great:
The financial industry is filled with high-volume, repetitive data work, and WorkFusion cuts the cost of it by 50% through machine learning automation.

1) Max Yankelevich, CEO

Yankelevich founded WorkFusion to improve the productivity and efficiency of the data-driven enterprise by combining the power of cloud computing, crowdsourcing, and machine learning.

2) Adam Devine, VP of Product Marketing

Devine has spent his career connecting the dots between steep business problems and great technology. The financial sector is his favorite problem, and WorkFusion is his favorite technology.

Join us next Tuesday for another set of six fintech innovators that will be demoing their technologies at FinovateFall in September.