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FinovateEurope 2011 Guide Available (Free)

image Our first Finovate Europe concluded a week ago today. It was personally a great experience, and from the feedback on our survey, it seemed to go over well with attendees and presenters alike. Thanks to everyone who made it possible.

If you’d like a PDF copy of the attendee guide, it’s now available free-of-charge at our Online Banking Report website (registration required if you are not already an OBR subscriber).

The guide contains a one-page synopsis of each of the 35 demoing companies. We’ll also be posting full-length videos of each demo at later this month.

#Finovate Tweet stream from @netbanker (1 Feb. 2011)
Following is my live tweet stream from the Feb. 1 event, rearranged into alphabetic order by demoing company:

  • FinovateEurope kicks off with Chris Skinner doing 7 minutes on financial innovation; love the Susan Boyle tie-in
  • AcceptEmail is showing its interactive ebilling platform; average recipient pays bill 15 days sooner
  • AcceptEmail uses color to show if bill is paid; blue before it’s paid, green after payment; great user interface
  • Backbase launch of Backbase Bank 2.0 portal, showing how easy it is to custom-build a financial dashboard
  • Backbase showing personalization of marketing messages using drop-downs; also works cross-platform, online, tablet & mobile
  • BOKU showing its payment system to buy virtual goods in Playfish (EA) soccer game within Facebook; uses mobile to authenticate
  • Love it when the PC-to-mobile integration works live on stage; BOKU completed entire transaction in 30 to 40 seconds
  • BusinessForensics is launching “dynamic trans profiling” integrated with forensic database; showing one-million transaction-database loading
  • BusinessForensics doesn’t rely on rule-based algorithms, tracks behavioral patterns in real-time; dark-gray interface is an eye-pleaser
  • Cardlytics showing its “transaction-marketing platform” wherein offers are embedded in statement and based on consumer’s actual spending
  • Cardlytics rewards summary provides user feedback; shows offers outstanding, cumulative cash earned (can be $100+/yr), etc.
  • Cardlytics merchants seeing response rates 50-100x higher than typical online marketing; earning advertisers $6 per $1 spent
  • Cardlytics says more than 15 million HHs today, expecting 60 mil (50% of U.S. population) on system by mid-year
  • Capital Access Network is showing the Spanish version of its Daily Remittance platform
  • Capital Access “go beyond wait & hope” with daily info on how a loan client’s revenues are performing against initial projections
  • Cortal Consors from BNP Paribas is launching “Hopee” social network for stock picking; adding 200-300 members per day
  • Cortal Consors creating track record, like eBay sellers; create leaderboard; adding entertainment to platform
  • eToro trading platform allows social networking/collaboration around trading currency and commodities; demoing on Facebook
  • eToro launching OpenBook (CopyTrade & CopyTrader), allows users to follow & copy trades of other users; offering $100 to #finovate audience
  • eWise announcing new “Payo” pay-by-bank system for United Kingdom; allows users to make online purchases directly through their online bank
  • eWise is demoing mobile version, showing purchase via QR code printed in a magazine ad or on a billing statement
  • Fidor Bank showing the Fidor Pay ewallet; includes ability to purchase precious metals & virtual currencies like Facebook credits
  • Fidor Bank enabling “banking with friends” to make online banking social; “no law that says banks must bore customers”
  • Figlo “financial globalization” is launching new product that breaks down complex financial advice process into simple steps
  • Figlo unique user experience with drag-and-drop “financial cards;” works cross-platform including smartphone, iPad, etc.
  • Finantix says one million financial advisors use massive amounts of paper when meeting with clients; iPad is better way
  • Finantix launching suite of iPad applications for financial advisors; demoing how it works in a face-to-face client discussion
  • Finantix will also be introducing a suite of apps for retail banking and commercial banking
  • FriendsClear is showing first p2p lending site in France, has been live for one year; focuses on financing small businesses
  • FriendsClear showing list of projects investors can fund; each has a full page detailing the business plan, financing needs, etc.
  • FriendsClear project page integrates with the small business borrowers social networks, Twitter, Linked:In, Facebook, etc.
  • FriendsClear launching investor dashboard “gauge of future,” predicts returns of portfolio & liquidity; advances state-of-the-art
  • is launching the first financial app store to purchase and/or find free custom analysis from experts
  • HelpMyCash platform can be integrated into a bank site, either as a revenue producer or a way to differentiate themselves
  • IND Group works on user experience; demo of great online banking search with natural language-based “transaction spotter”
  • IND Group showing transaction-location mapping system, shows “map view” of where you spent money; great web 2.0 feature
  • Ixaris launching OPN Card Guardian platform for developing payment solutions that use Visa, MasterCard, SWIFT networks
  • Ixaris showing how to use “paylet components” to create virtual card product without programming
  • demoing its new “$hop app” to easily set up Facebook shop for ecommerce; includes affiliate programs
  •, founded with PrivatBank two years ago, has 1.3 million customers; showing its small biz online invoicing via Privatbank
  • Linxo is first to launch account aggregation in France; live with a number of French banks
  • Linxo demoing integrated ads triggered based on customer’s actual spending; can integrate merchant rewards directly into platform
  • Lodo Software is launching dashboard to help FIs leverage PFM data for sales; showing how to get tangible ROI from PFM
  • Lodo FI dashboard is multi-lingual; showing how to set up marketing campaign on the fly
  • launching version 2.0 of its personal finance portal; showing social aspects to see what others are choosing
  • is Yodlee powered, has 1 million members reached via email
  • Meniga launched in Iceland in 2009, already have 6% national market share; helping users “spend more wisely”
  • Meniga showing Facebook integration with shareable monthly quiz
  • Meniga adding a gaming layer to PFM using humor + “social curiosity,” ie. comparing your spending to peers; important elements
  • miiCard launching identity verification card, demoing how it would be used in a banking online account opening process
  • miiCard links miicard identity to bank account identity; using Yodlee for account linkages; creating “digital passport”
  • MPOWER Mobile launching Rev COIN to
    turn mobile phone into POS device; World Bank says cash-only business costs 4% more to operate
  • Demoing Rev COIN kit, costs $15-20 includes swipe device for mobile, app and plastic payment card; can have text/email receipt
  • NCore Systems is demoing remittance system with straight-through processing; cut down on friction typically costing 10%
  • NCore Systems is demoing by sending a transaction to Indian Bank; looking for partners for $50 billion Indian remittance market
  • SecureKey demoing its secure online payment method; users touch their contactless card to a USB device to buy
  • SecureKey not only authenticates that card is present, it autofills the shopping cart info, saving 100 keystrokes
  • SecureKey showing similar process that can be used for online banking login and per-transaction out-of-band authentication
  • Silver Tail Systems discussing man-in-the-mobile attack (MITMO), security just gets more difficult with each new channel
  • Silver Tail shows its usage monitoring, looks at areas such as IP address, speed of clicks (to discern robotic vs. human pacing)
  • Silver Tail launching Forensics MT (multi tenancy) for banking service providers working with multiple banks
  • Solidpass is demoing on iPad, showing good usability combined with extra authentication
  • Solidpass generates QR bar code that can be scanned with iPhone to give user the response code to enter; very fast, very slick!
  • StockTwits announced that is about to support international ticker symbols; focusing on curating and finding the best advise
  • StockTwits launching @StockTwits Connect; showing how it powers third-party info providers including Yahoo Finance via API
  • Strands launching its Personal Finance Business Intelligence solution to help banks use PFM data for sales
  • Strands announcing major new client today, powering Bank of Montreal’s MoneyLogic, which is live now
  • Striata introducing its next-generation interactive push-email billing
  • Striata — “Security on a paper bill is its envelope, ours is its 256-bit encryption” 

    so easy that 40% of customers pay within two days
  • Striata showing how the interactive PDF bill works like a mini-website with the bill; also integrates into Facebook
  • Striata says some clients are up to 50% penetration of paperless, compared to 15% industry average
  • Tagit is demoing its mobile platform; powers DBS Bank mobile banking and others; showing transfer function
  • Tagit shows “virtual browser,” integration point in the back end for FI to build work flows; adds line to mobile app livenice!
  • Unience launching mobile iphone app for keeping in touch with financial advisor; showing how advisor sends info from PC to mobile
  • Unience mobile is first app using its API; has added 5,000 users since Oct.; negotiating with NYC financial company for U.S. launch
  • Voice Commerce is showing its new “KYC Secure” federated database to use biometrics to authenticate identity via voice
  • Voice Commerce showing how easy it is to simply answer phone and repeat the code provided; no stopping and keying in numbers
  • Voice Commerce demos how easy it is to simply answer phone and repeat the code provided; no stopping and keying in numbers
  • Xero focuses on small business market; demoing dashboard to allow SMB to track real-time cash position, an eye-opening experience
  • Yodlee has 600,000 users in Europe; several hundred developers are working through its app store
  • Yodlee enabling monthly subscriptions in app store; new app “My Vault” available this summer with monthly revenue share with FI
  • Yodlee is launching auto file uploader which automates the process of storing downloaded financial statements and bills
  • That’s a wrap; 35 #finovate demos, no major glitches & done 6 minutes early! Thanks to Chris Skinner for hosting; on to networking & happy hour


Note: Best of Show winners (eToro, Finantix,, and Meniga) were announced in the blog later that night.