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FinovateEurope Sneak Peek: Valuto


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Valuto offers a corporate level, multi-currency account for SMEs, a centralized location to facilitate everything from foreign exchange to sending and receiving cross-border payments.


  • Domestic payouts and collections via our network of European bank accounts.
  • Free and instant payments between Valuto users.
  • Integrates seamlessly with other technology via Valuto open API

Why it’s great
Via the Valuto API, users will be able to connect their Valuto payment account to third-party systems in a safe and secure way.


Valuto_LukaszOlekLukasz Olek, Chief Product Officer and Founder

Olek balances his time between getting key deliverables out the door in the short term, while simultaneously inspiring people around him to find ways to improve the core product.


Valuto_MichalCzekalskiMichal Czekalski, CEO and Founder

Czekalski at age 25 started his first company,, leveraging the internet to help individuals and companies exchange currencies at a fraction of the cost of the incumbents.


Valuto_MatthewHarrisMatthew Harris, International Business Developments and Partnerships

Not content with just offering Valuto to users in Poland and the Czech Republic, Harris has taken the role of expanding the brand’s reach across Europe and beyond.