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FinovateEurope Sneak Peek: Lendstar


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Germany’s Lendstar is a mobile app that allows users to source, share, and send money, combined with a link to their existing bank account.


  • Allow immediate money transactions, no hassle to chase your spendings
  • Enable one or many transactions
  • Help to organize all private financial transactions

Why it’s great
Collect money, divide bills, and transfer funds directly from your bank account? Go for Lendstar!


Christopher Kampshoff, CEO

Kampshoff is the creative lead behind the Lendstar concept, being responsible for business development, finances and marketing. He has also several years of experience in the finance sector.

Johannes Schubert, Head of Product Development


Schubert is a FinTech solution enthusiast and is keen to change the way we all deal with transferring money. He turns boring transactions into a fun way of exchanging money between friends.